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Who we are

Our history

Errevi Trade Srl is the international distribution company of the Russo family , with Valentina Russo at the forefront as Commercial Director. It is the second generation of a history that has always been linked to the world of essences and perfumes. In fact, his father Gino Russo has dedicated his life to the research and creation of perfumes with unique essences for forty years : he is considered one of the leading fragrance experts in the sector. A real "Perfumer" or as they were called in ancient times "nose" , that is, someone who is able to translate inspiration into a real perfume.


Perfume tailoring

A Maison de Parfum dedicated to the research and study of new fragrances and unique essences thanks to the father's many years of experience. The entry of daughter Valentina into the project is congenital due to her natural predisposition for the sector and a love certainly inherited from her father to which she adds a more global vision. In fact, it was his idea to include a make-up line over time. It should be underlined that Valentina, in addition to carrying out her institutional functions, is also the Brand Ambassador of her own line, experiencing the world of social media firsthand. In fact, through a live program, it uses this medium to present its brands and product lines with moments of in-depth analysis and discussion with influencers, make-up artists and make-up artists of national and international fame. The aim is to teach and suggest to all customers how to best apply and use their lines. The two today work side by side driven by the same boundless passion for this world where: Gino represents the tradition on which the solid foundations of the Company are based and his daughter Valentina is the future of an announced success.

The story continues ...

The Maison, thanks to its immense passion and love for this sector, has over time produced famous and successful brands and perfume and make up lines such as: Eminence Parfum and Make Up, Acqua di Capri and lastly. Eminence Parfum is the first line of the family dedicated to the production of Artistic Perfumes, with refined fragrances thanks to a study of essences from all over the world; subsequently, with Valentina's arrival in the company, the Make Up line was born with a line of products that follow the most important market trends and boast very high quality because they are entirely produced in Italy.

Olfactory lines

Capri water

It is a line of perfumed waters with very refined, fresh and summery fragrances. The Brand was born from a very strong bond that the Patron has with the island: linked to memories of youth and the love for the colours, smells and flavors of this pearl of the Amalfi Coast. In fact, almost the entire line of Waters releases at the first spray a pleasant and inebriating citrus scent that gives a feeling of freshness. Toning and energizing, they were designed as a hymn to the sun, to summer, to the refined youth who frequent the island. The blue bottle is simple and charming

Olfactory lines

the Mattti

Matti Fashion Parfum, the latest line created by the Maison, represents a return to the past; a dive of the senses, into those scents that no longer exist. Bold and seductive, they are built on luxurious notes that characterize the entire line.

Our scented boutique


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Valentina Russo

In addition to carrying out his institutional functions, he is also the Brand Ambassador of his own lines, experiencing the world of social media firsthand.